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Bistrot de Terroir® criteria

Under the structuring of the tourist provision sectors, FED Ho.Re.Ca Wallonie was charged by the Walloon Region with creating and developing the Bistrot de Terroir® network, in order to enhance the café sector. By joining the Bistrot de Terroir® Network, these cafés undertake a collective commitment to quality, complying with rather strict criteria.

Through quality hospitality, the promotion of local products, the provision of tourist information and local events, a multiservice function and the respect for hygiene rules, they play the role of local and regional information channels. They also contribute to the tourist and socioeconomic development of Wallonia.

In return, they benefit from a network recognisable for its trade name and from visible publicity shared by all.

To obtain the Bistrot de Terroir® label, members promise to respect the critera set out below :

1. To be a profit-making enterprise, belonging to the Joint Committee of the Hotel industry, located in the French-speaking Walloon Region.  Consequently no establishment with the legal status of non-profit-making association or international non-profit-making association may become a member of this network.
2. To carry out the profession as a main occupation.
3. To be open at least 250 days a year.
4. To undertake continuing specialist training (free-of-charge), at least once a year.
5. To promise to respect the “Quality” Charter for a period of 3 years (renewable).
6. To respect all the legal regulations applicable to the professional sector.

Food Safety
7. To be registered with the Federal Agency for Food Safety.
8. To be authorised by the Federal Agency for Food Safety, to undertake “Passport to Self-Inspection” training, introduce a self-inspection system and have it validated to obtain the Smiley.

The Bistrot de Terroir® Network
9. To clearly display the Bistrot de Terroir® sign.
10. To accept the support and supervision of the “Bistrot de Terroir®” network (advice, checks, etc.).
11. To promote the “Bistrot de Terroir®” network and its members on accessories (beer mats, place mats, etc.), available via the website: www.bistrotdeterroir.be.
12. To take part in initiatives developed by the network, as part of its work (promotional initiatives, surveys, etc.).
13. To update the establishment data in a fact sheet used to promote the establishment to tourists and displayed on the above website. This data should be updated during the first quarter, prior to the network’s first annual meeting.
14. To promise to take part in an annual network members’ meeting, held during the first quarter.

Local produce
15. At least three local products should be offered. For catering, at least one local produce dish (seasonal or other) should be permanently offered.

Tourist information
16. A display, set up in the establishment, will offer folders, brochures and other guides promoting local and regional tourism as well as local tourist organisation publications (Tourist Bureaus, Offices and Centres).
17. Regional tourist products are valued by clients (knowledge of local products and produce).

Once the Monitoring Committee has agreed, the Bistrot de Terroir® label will be granted jointly to the establishment and its manager. If the location or manager should change or the criteria are not respected, membership to the network will be automatically suspended and accessories made available by the network will be returned by the manager.

Legal statements